Energy-efficient school

Award winning project proposal of an energy-efficient school for 250 students,
located at Novgorod-Siverskyi, Chernihiv Oblast.

Competition for an energy-efficient school

The proposed design solution of the school is the basis of the desire to create not only a school building, but also an environment for the development of children and adults.
The project was carried out taking into account the currently necessary functional, planning, volume-spatial solution, which corresponds to the modern trends in the architecture of educational institutions.
The terrain and the area with significant height differences influenced the compositional solution of the volume of the buildings, which made it possible to harmoniously combine the building of the school with the surrounding environment.
The project envisages the construction of a new school building and partial preservation of fragments of the outer walls of the sports hall building, with the subsequent creation of a new greenhouse building on the foundations of this building. The combination in the architectural idea of ruins and the revival of life, in this case plants, encourages optimism.
According to the jury's decision, project was awarded first place at the competition.