The public space of the Maidan and the central core of Kyiv. Competition, 2nd place

The kaleidoscope of changes in the life of Ukraine and Kyiv over the past 100 years, which is reflected on the maps of the city, testify to the need to return to the traditional model of the urban environment: quarter-square-street, where the main thing is not the demonstration of the ideology of the totalitarian state, but urban life with its everyday life. holidays, rest, namely:
-Dividing the space into two parts:
- On the even part of Khreshchatyk is a city square, and numerous public initiatives that were formed during the Maidan find their appropriate place in the existing underground space under the square.
- On the odd-numbered side, the chamber square is surrounded by the buildings of the conservatory, the colonnade, and the amphitheater. (The problem is the abandonment of the Independence Monument and the possibility of its transfer to Kyiv parks on the Dnieper River.)

-Reconstruction of the hotel "Ukraine" with expansion of the stylobate, underground parking and arrangement of comfortable rest areas.
- Landscaping of the intra-quarter territory between Institute and Museum Lanes.
- Formation of a pedestrian zone on the European Square due to the "creeping" of the terraces of Khreshchaty Park.
-Creation of new pedestrian routes due to the use of the potential of intra-district territories
-Maximum greening of these areas
-Traffic in the Khreshchatyk area with the arrangement of 6 lines of traffic, intercepting parking lots on the approaches to the Central Core on Parkova Road, European Square, Institute Street, Prorezniy.
- The necessity and possibility of arranging a pedestrian area for people with musculoskeletal problems, the blind, etc.