CHICAGO concept house

One of the most modern residential complex in Kyiv


The main distinctive feature of the cube it is a true art object – a media sculpture with a dynamic screen in the glass pane. According to its plan, the video broadcasted on the screen, the main idea of which is the evolution of materials. Wood, stone, concrete, glass, aluminium, digital material – this very gradation display. Six 10-minute rollers, the evolution of materials, show on the screen within an hour.
We made sure that the residential complex had its own infrastructure. The commercial real estate in the CHICAGO Central House has a total floor space more than 5000 sq.m. and occupies five floors in the residential complex. When designing non-residential premises, we approached individually to each section of business: the first and the second floors have been designed for the shops and restaurants, the space from the third to the fifth floors will be occupied by offices.