The concept highlights: the development of the entire intra-quarter space, with the allocation of the first phase of construction - an art space overlooking Andriivsky Uzviz


The main thing that unites these two solutions is the understanding of the urban planning situation that has developed on the lift: for the traveler climbing up the lift to the Upper
city — the end of the ensemble is St. Andrew's Church, which dominates the surrounding landscape. A traveler who wants to go down to Podol limps to the Borychev stream, where he quietly goes in different directions. The formation of the inner space, the square, in the depth of the quarter that is being formed, according to its scale and saturation of elements of urban life, according to the plot, is the logical conclusion of the story about "Andriivsky Uzviz" and is indispensable part of the formation of the first stage of development of the site. The stylistics of the building along the AU is complimentary: the "rules" of the AU development are observed in terms of scale, parceling, and floor space. It is important to create along the facade the so-called "Art space" of an open "gallery", which, in our opinion, should symbolize openness, democracy, etc.